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Please stay tuned for the Fall 2013 Issue.

From the President: James Pelech

James Pelech, President ACT
Greetings Fellow Constructivists!

I hope that you are off to a tremendous start to the school year, and want to take this opportunity to say a few words concerning our Fall 2013 Conference. This fall’s conference will be using a new venue - it will be held at the Museum of Mathematics in New York City. We will not only have traditional breakout sessions, we will have “Museum Expeditions;” these will be sessions in which we will use Museum exhibits as the topics for presentations. Additionally, two outstanding educators have agreed to be our keynote speakers. Dr. John Adam, of Old Dominion University, will be our speaker on Friday. Dr. Adam is a noted author, mathematician and astronomer. Saturday’s speaker, Dr. Cathy Fosnot is an internationally known author and expert on Constructivism. Additionally, Cathy is founding president of ACT.

The Fall 2013 issue of our journal will add to the energy of the conference. Our editor, Amy Malkus, our assistant editor, Cathy Landy, and the dedicated corps of reviewers have spent a great deal of time working to make our journal a source of viable and important knowledge for your Constructivist practice. As always, this journal not only provides content knowledge, it provides a source of motivation and energy for you and your colleagues to spread the enthusiasm for the Constructivist movement. This issue of the journal continues our tradition of being the premiere source for knowledge about the Constructivist movement.

I encourage each and every one of you to “catch the fever” of Constructivism by reading our journal and coming to the conference. Have a great year!

James Pelech
President, Association for Constructivist Teaching