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Winter 2015 Issue:

  • Constructivist Practice:  A Cross-Cultural Comparison by Semra Güven and Julie Rainer Dangel, pp. 1-19
  • Supporting Elementary Children as Critics of Data by David J. Whitin and Phyllis Whitin, pp. 20-37
  • The Project Documentation: A Process of Metacognition with 11-year-old Students by Nezaldi Institute (Teacher: Berenice Fraga Pereyra), translation by Joshua Davidson, pp. 38-62
  • Releasing the Learning Potential: Acquiring the Reading-Writing Process through Creative Constructionist Activities, by the Nezaldi Institute (Teachers: Nancy Martinez and Paola Salgado), translation by Lee-Ann Stanger-Nelson, pp. 63-86
  • A Habitat for “Coco”: A Social Studies Investigation with Preschool-Aged Children by Mary Bowne and Jennifer Kampmann, pp. 87-101
  • Phonics Their Way: First Grade Students Take a New Look at Old Phonics by Denise D. Cunningham, pp. 102-124
  • La Documentación De Proyecto: Un Proceso De Metacognición Con Alumnos De 11 Años por Instituto Nezaldi (Maestra: Berenice Fraga Pereyra), Spanish pp. 1-29
  • Adquiriendo el Proceso de Lecto-Escritura Atraves de Estrategias Creativas Constructivistas por Instituto Nezaldi (Maestras: Nancy Martínez y Paola Salgado), Spanish pp. 30-55

From the Editor: Dr. Amy Malkus

After a lengthier than planned for delay in publication, we are pleased to present the latest issue of The Constructivist!  You will see that the six articles included offer a window into the world of constructivism in countries from the US, to Mexico, to Turkey. We are also pleased to present the original Spanish versions of two of the articles for those readers for whom Spanish is their primary language.

On a personal note, I would also like to note that this is my last issue as editor of The Constructivist.  While I have valued this opportunity immensely, I find that I don’t have the time that is necessary to do the journal justice. Fortunately, we have a new editor ready and waiting in the wings. Dr. Carolyn Hildebrandt, a professor of psychology at the University of Northern Iowa and a board member for the Association of Constructivist Teaching, will be starting as editor of The Constructivist effective March 1, 2015.

As we continue our reviews for the next edition of The Constructivist, we encourage you to consider sharing your experiences and inquiries with us. Whether in the area of practice or research, we welcome your submissions. Contact Carolyn Hildebrandt, Editor, at for more information.